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Once upon a time there was a princess that loved to shop. One beautiful spring day she happened upon a flea market and decided to give it a whirl. It didn’t take long for her to realize that this was the most splendid array of treasures she had ever seen! She found beauty in the charmingly tattered wares of the past. Suddenly her eyes met a scrumptious little vintage deer with big blue dreamy doe eyes. The princess quietly gasped to herself and gently lifted the deer close to her. “Oh dear, I love you”, she whispered. “Me too you”, whispered the deer.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hot Air Ballons, Trout and Funny Faced Fruits...

As I made my way to the shoppe this morning, I was surprised to see a flock of hot air balloons hovering over Sonoma County. It has still been a bit foggy in the mornings, but there they were! Sonoma County can be so glorious. This weekend is Healdsburg's Wild Steelhead Festival. I welcomed many of the "trout proud" people of the festival into the shoppe today, and what do you know... people who love trout seem to love vintage TOO! (I said good-bye to some of my favorite treasures today) It was a great day! I met lots of new friendly locals that ooohed and aaahed at the shoppe! It was splendid validation after being open for just one week! I actually got goosebumps (or chicken skin, to some) two separate times, after being told by customers that they heard about this great new shoppe,from a friend. Whaaaat? My lil shoppe is news on the street? My favorite part of the day was watching two customers debate over which of the funny faced fruit wall hangings to buy..."we should just get them all"... "no, I only like the banana and the pear"...but I really like the grapes too"...."no, the grapes look like Al Roker"...."well, the pear looks alot like Oprah"..."well okay, but definately don't get the orange, I hate the orange"..."hey is this a tomato?". It was spectacular! If only I had a video camera, you would be watching it for yourselves right now! In closing, I would like to thank all of the fish, that brought so many people out and about today. Glub,Glub.
And oh yes,,,the conclusion...The debate team bought ALL the funny faced fruits! And if my customers are viewing this,,,I always thought it was a tomato, but now I think she must be an apple!?!? Enjoy and Thank You,,,it was great fun!

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